Coco husk

coco-husk manufactures in Pollachi

Husks are the rough exterior shells of the coconut,the husk can be used in several ways, including creating enriched potting soil and as chips that can be used to provide ground cover for flower beds.

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Coco Husk Specification

Specifications 5 Kg Bale 650 grams
Electrical Conductivity Less than 0.5 Ms/CM Less than 0.5 Ms/CM
Water Holding Capacity 15 ltr/kg 11 ltr/kg
PH 5.8 TO 6.8
Impurities Less than 2%
Dust Less than 2%
Moisture % Less than 15%
Block Dimension 30X30X10 cm

Packing & Loadability

Type Packing Loadablity / per 40ft Contianer
Bulk Loading Bare Block 4800 blocks | 26 MT
Palletized Loading 200 blocks arranged on a pallet covered by plastic wrap of strapped with tape 4400 blocks | 22 pallets | 23-24 MT
Pallet size: 42 x 39 Inch
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