Coco Peat - 5 Kg Block

Coco-Peat manufactures in Tamilnadu

Coco Peat also known as coir fibre pith, coir block, coir dust, or simply coir, is made from coconut husks, which are byproducts of other industries that use coconuts. Coir waste from coir fiber industries is washed, heat-treated, screened and graded before being processed into coco peat products of various granularity and denseness, which are then used for horticultural and agricultural applications and as industrial absorbent. It is usually shipped in the form of compressed bales, briquettes, slabs or discs, the end user usually expands and aerates the compressed coco peat by the addition of water.

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Coco Peat 5kg Block Specifications

Grades Standard Fine Coarse
Sieves 10mm 6mm Un Sieved
Water Holding Capacity 15 ltr/kg 11 ltr/kg 12 ltr/kg
Electrical Conductivity Less than 0.5 ms/cm
PH 5.8 TO 6.8
Compression Ratio 5.01
Moisture % Less than 15%
Block Dimension 30X30X10 cm
Block Weight AVE 5 KGS


  • Potting mix suppliers, Green houses, Hydroponic Growers
  • Nursery & Garden center professionals, Seedling Nurseries
  • Lawn and Golf course constructors
  • Horticulture and Floriculture applications
  • Home Gardening (indoor and outdoor) and for landscaping us

Packing & Load ability

Type Packing Loadablity / per 40ft Contianer
Bulk Loading Bare Block 5200 blocks|26 MT
Palletized Loading 220 blocks arranged on a pallet covered by plastic wrap of strapped with tape
Pallet size: 42 x 39 Inch
4840 blocks | 22 pallets | 23-24 MT
Polybag packing 4/5 blocks packed in Polybag &Strapped -


  • Fumigation & Phytosanitary will be done during loading of the container.
  • Any other Quality certificates can be done at the cost of the buyer.
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