Coir Geo Textile

Coir-log manufactures in Pollachi

Coir geo textiles are best for controlling soil erosion and conditioning soli. Made from coir fiber, they are naturally resistant to rot and moulds and is cheaper than synthetic geo-textiles. They hold soil in place and prevent erosion, dissipating the force of heavy rains and run of water. It provides good soil support for years, allowing natural vegetation to become established. Coir geo textiles promote the growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing the topsoil from drying out. As it has strength and durability, it protects slopes and help natural vegetation to take root, coir geo textiles are available as woven, meshes and nets and non woven. They have varying densities depending on their application. Over a period of time the eco friendly and biodegradable coir disintegrates completely, leaving only humus.

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GEO TEXTILES Specifications

Parameter Type - 1 Type - 2 Type - 3
Weight 400gms/ M2 400gms/ M2 900Gms/ M2
Mesh Size 2.5 cm 2 cm 1 cm
Yarn Width 6mm
Roll Size 2Mtr x 50 Mtr


  • Used to control soil erosion at work -sites, Road construction areas, River banks etc. as a protective measure/mesh

Packing & Loadability

Types 40" HQ.FCL Stuffing Capacity
Type 1 PP bags 280 Rolls ( 28000sqm)
Type 2 HDPE woven bags 180 Rolls (18000sqm)
Type 3 Bare Roles 100 Rolls (10000sqm)
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